Where To Find A Welding Career

As one of the leading industries in America, welding has a wide range of employment opportunities and a large number of job openings in Kansas City. There are two main areas where welders are most likely to find work – downtown Kansas City or the suburbs surrounding Kansas City. With the advent of new technology, there is a greater need for welders than ever before. There are many jobs in Kansas City that you can qualify for if you live in the area. Many of the jobs are well paying and have upwardly competitive compensation and benefits, which make welding in Kansas City the perfect career choice for many.

The average salaries of welders in Kansas City range from $15,683 to $33,769, with the median salary of $ 35,714. Welding in Kansas City includes everything from welding armor to building ships and flying airplanes. The middle fifty percent of welders earns between fifteen and thirty thousand dollars a year, while the upper seventy percent earn more than fifty thousand dollars a year.

If you’re looking for a job in this fast paced industry, you’ll want to find out what the typical day and schedule is for work in Kansas City. You will need to be available around seventy-five hours a week, five days a week. Working hours are often long days, eight-hours or even sometimes eleven-hours, depending on what the client requires. The work does require heavy duty equipment, so if you’re not comfortable working with welding torches or chemicals, you may want to consider another industry. The starting pay in this industry is usually around forty thousand dollars a year.

The first step towards finding a job is getting your education. To learn to weld, you will need to attend classes at one of the many community colleges or vocational schools throughout the county. Once you’ve attended a welding school, you can take the GED test or a state exam that will certify you as a qualified welder. You can also get apprentice training from experienced welders, although you won’t be as highly skilled until you’re able to work for yourself.

Once you’ve gotten your education, you can go searching for jobs. There are a number of different kinds of businesses that need welders, so you should have no trouble finding work. Local fabrication shops need them, and they supply everything from simple panels to complete vehicle repairs. Industrial baking companies are a great place to start, and you can usually find work doing decorative metal work and molding. If you want something more permanent, look into becoming an architect or an engineer. Both of those are much higher paying jobs than general contracting jobs.

With all the jobs available for welders, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding work in Kansas City. All you need to do is get out there and start looking. You should find a welding job fairly quickly, so take advantage of it while you can.

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